What captured my attention the most was the subtitle on the front cover, "How People and Machines are Smarter Together" That is a philosophy on Artificial Intelligence that I subscribe to, so I am looking for confirmation bias when reading the book. :)

This is a very interesting read. Basically, there are 7 chapters in them and the author used the format of showing what the modern applications are first, followed by the history of the mathematical methods used and then showed how it is used in the current modern applications. The author then tops up the individual chapters with some opinions on the usage and I find them useful.

From the book, you will see that what is being used in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. More like they are enhanced given better technology, both for collecting data and crunching numbers.

Some history shared are, for instance, Abraham Wald (survivor bias), Grace Hopper, Thomas Bayes and his relationship with self-driving cars, Florence Nightingale and her relationship to medical statistics, and DeMoivre, Isaac Newton and the Trial of Pyx (Note: this is the one that captured my attention the most)

Very well explained and I learned a lot from it. I give it a 5 out of 5. Do pick it up and read.

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