The title of the book caught my attention, especially when it was placed under the "Artificial Intelligence" section of Kinokuniya Singapore. So I went to dig deeper, trying to get more details of the book. Turns out that the author, Janelle Shane, actually gave a talk at Google about her work and the book as well. The book is actually a compilation of her blog post/personal project to understand how Artificial Intelligence work thus far. Here is her website, "AI Weirdness".

So I managed to get an audiobook copy to have a listen from National Library Singapore.

This is a great introductory book on Artificial Intelligence and with a good twist where the author is pretty hands-on. She shared many examples of Deep Learning like GANs,  RNN, CNN. She applied them on many things like Knock-Knock jokes, Dungeons & Dragon spell name, ice-cream flavor, etc. In the book, she shared how she tweaks the DL models and got different results. In her conclusion, she shared the current weakness of AI, talks about the ethical usage of  AI, the need to remove bias from the data too.

For a technical person, it is a quick summary of the landscape we are in. You can see the technical details explained in a more layman way. Picking up this book can help you to better communicate with your stakeholders, to help them understand better the complex field that all businesses should know about.

Strongly recommended read from me and I enjoyed the book tremendously. :)