Hello everyone! I am preparing my podcast. The reason why it took this long is that I am finding a co-host that can cover other aspects of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence so that I can give you, the audience, comprehensive content. My experience is more in algorithms, business applications, and AI business strategy. I will like to have a co-host that can cover the infrastructure, programming, and implementations.

28 March 2020: Great news! I have found a great co-host to join me in my podcast. Let me introduce Thu Ya Kyaw, currently a Machine Learning Engineer. He graduated from the first intake of AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP) from AI Singapore. A round of applause for him, please!

Stay tuned to this page and we look forward to your support and feedback! If you have any topics, you will like us to cover, reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter! Looking forward to your support! :)