My co-host, Thu Ya Kyaw, and I have launched our first episode on our podcast series, called Symbolic Connection.

Here is the first episode! In this episode, we did a brief introduction to who we are. We discussed briefly what is Artificial Intelligence and the history of it, namely Symbolic AI and Connectionist AI. The difference between them, and how did we move from Symbolic AI to Connectionist AI was discussed too. Take your first step together with us in our learning journey of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Below are a few resources you can refer to after the podcast.


What is shared is to the best of our knowledge at the time of recording. We strongly encourage our listeners to continue seeking more knowledge from other resources.

Have fun in your learning journey and  thanks for choosing us as learning companions. Please feel free to give us your feedback through our Linkedin (Koo and Thu Ya) or Google Form.