This is World Economic Forum Book Club March 2020 book pick.

From the book cover you will know that it is a book on our climate crisis. Yes we do hear a lot about it and have been hearing that our Earth, the environment that we are living in is facing a climate crisis. We saw extreme weathers in most parts of the world, for instance in the past year, we have the Venice flood, the biggest forest fire in Australia's history. The window for all mankind to take action is closing real fast, the main message of the book.

What is great about the book is that it provides actual steps that one can take to combat climate crisis. If you are thinking they are conventional steps that you have come across previously, well the answer is a big NO! The steps that one can take actually provides a lot of leverage if everyone of us play our part. Let me share a few of them here.

1) Ensure representation of everyone in policy making or positions of influence.

The book suggested to get more women represented in positions of power and influence, so that we have a broad overview and cover more blind spots in policy making. Women joining the workforce is only in recent years and we cannot deny the fact that there is a glass ceiling for them, what we can do is encourage more women to take up these positions.

2) Practice Smart Consumption

Buy from businesses where their goods and services are environmentally friendly, that can sustain the natural environment and ecosystems. Boycott products that are made from raw material created by harming the environment. Be smart about what you are buying, what you are supporting with your hard-earn dollars.

Diet-wise, if possible reduce the consumption of meat as animal farming contributes to carbon dioxide emission.

3) Be politically active

When choosing the politician to represent you, choose someone that has climate change in mind. Actively show support for policies that reduce global warming wherever possible. Your right support will let politicians know what you kind of world you will like to leave for your children and grand-children.

Above are some of the steps mentioned in the book. There are other steps as well that involves the latest technology and I strongly recommend you to read the book and start taking those steps rather than leaving it in the hands of others.

Let us all build a world where we can live in without harming the Earth and our health.

Strongly recommended read. 5 out of 5 Stars!

To get more details of the book, here is the link.

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