I am fascinated about cybersecurity and cyber-crimes. In fact, I am very interested in the intersection between artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, how artificial intelligence can be used to prevent cybersecurity, to detect and manage cyber attack but unfortunately, such an opportunity has not arrived...YET (I am optimistic.)

I picked up this audiobook because it was in a recommended list, although I cannot remember which book list was it from.

The book was fun to listen to because its actually in a story format told through the eyes of cyber-criminals and the white hats. It detailed out history of cyber crimes like when was ransomware popular and also shared. If you are a fan of non-fiction story, this is a good book for you, there are many stories in them and how they are intertwined together. If you need an overview of cyber crimes and cybersecurity, this is also a book for you as well. But if you are like me, who wants to understand more details on how it is carried out, and more details on social engineering, I do not think you will gain much out of it.

If you really want it in a story form and with more details, I will suggest you check out this book instead, "Breaking and Entering" by Jeremy N. Smith.

Overall, I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars and if you are new to cybersecurity, then picking up this book will benefit you. :)

Have fun reading! :)