If you know the genesis of the term “Artificial Intelligence”, you’ll know that it is not a well thought through term and it is catching out a lot of people.

With this term and the added push from Hollywood movies (in general), it lead to other discussions on “Consciousness”, “#AIEthics”, etc. Not that I do not enjoy discussion on these areas but I personally  feel it is out of bounds on the main objective that we want to reach and that is building technology that assist mankind.

This is  where the term “Augmented Intelligence” comes into play, talking about (Human + Machine) Intelligence. Again I have some issues with it, because at least in the current state of things, machine is not really  intelligence but rather the illusion of intelligence is supported by  huge computation power rather.

Rather, what I will advocate  rather is how can we build better intelligence, that takes advantage of  human’s intelligence and together with machine’s large computation  power, intelligence that can solve bigger and more complex problems. Rather I will say I am solving Intelligence, and with that building more  & better intelligence to tackle bigger challenges! :)

What are your thoughts?

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