Recently, at #gitex2022, I shared about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse.

I shared about the possible use cases of metaverse and how AI can help in creating those use cases.

Personally  I am super excited about metaverse even though the technology is still a bit of a distance from its full commercial potential yet.

How I see metaverse is its #digitalreality imo. This means that it is much more than #virtualreality and #augmentedreality is within the spectrum with one end being the atoms and the other end  being the bits. If we see metaverse as Digital Reality than the possible usage are endless imo.

Once metaverse is mature, retail will definitely change. There will definitely be a space for physical retail  space for sure as they become a niche market to satisfy. But more  importantly, the “shopping efficiency” of customers will definitely  change. How so? Because now the shops comes to the customer rather than  the customers getting lost in large shopping malls, looking for the  brands. Customers can really shop in the comfort of their own home.

How is AI helping here? Well, just imagine the filters that you use for  your video and images. They can now help to fit you in the clothes,  shoes, jewellery you are looking for! You probably do not have to worry  about the long queue at the changing room anymore and you can fit into many different combinations of clothes and accessories very quickly!

From an economics point of view, this can accelerate the growth of the economy and possibly less demand on transport. The retail industry will definitely benefit a lot from a mature metaverse.

What are your thoughts?

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