“What is the one piece of career advice I will give to graduating cohorts from bootcamp/degree?”

“Taking charge of your learning for the rest of your life and career.”

Yes, if you think after graduating with degree and diploma your learning is  done. That view is very outdated because it is suitable for the Industrial Age.

In the current Knowledge Economy where it is constant birth of ideas/innovation together with the  execution of it without prior knowledge and precedent, it is important  that we keep updating ourselves, keep learning!

Just looking at my own field of Artificial Intelligence and data science,  new tools and data processes comes out because of the constraints that  we constantly face. And we have to keep learning to ensure we are a  contributing member of society, to earn our keep and salary.

How to take charge of your learning:

1) Read everything with some skepticism. Be prepare to change your view.
2)  Choose who you learn from, in fact, don’t even believe everything that  I’ve said in my posts or anyone! Think about their words critically.  Look at their background!
3) Select good mentors but still listen to them with a healthy dose of skepticism.
4)  Something I learn from Annie Duke’s book, “Thinking In Bets”,  everything is probability, be ready to update those probabilities when  new ideas/facts comes in.

I wish you all the best in your career!

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