Just finished the audio-book. The book shares on what are some of the inadequacies of a degree program. Although the book is about how strategy works in real life but a lot of the lessons learnt in the book can also be used in Analytics/Data Science projects as well. Moreover, I am a strong advocate that data scientist should learn more about Strategic Management (Why?), thus reading this book can "kill two birds with one stone".

In schools, we learnt the technical skills, we learn about the different machine learning models what are the mathematics behind, how did the machine learning model derived the parameters etc but once we bring these technical skills to work/reality, one have to understand that the context has changed. Bringing these technical skills, we need to understand the "meaning" and "context" these skills are brought into the corporate environment and more importantly, we now have to take into account human (stakeholders) emotions, agenda and perception as well. Such is severely lacking in formal education.

That is why many ask," If  Artificial Intelligence/Data Science is really that good, why isn't  everyone implementing it?" My answer, "Because of human elements." A lot of times what I have seen that is stopping organizations from implementing data science is usually human elements rather, like fear of losing jobs or power or influence, fear of uncertainty that it brings about etc.

I liked the book and how it share its salient points through a story. Quite captivating and some people may like the plot twist at the end, at the Epilogue. All in all, strongly recommended read for anyone who is very new to Data Science.