What caught my attention for the book was that it discuss a very interesting intersection between technology and death. In summary, it discusses with life examples, what happens to your social media account, namely Facebook & Instagram and your email account, for instance Yahoo and Google when you pass away.

It discusses in detail what the current situation like, for instance who gets to inherit your social media account. It discusses with life examples that shows many sides of the coin and stimulates a lot of consideration.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Who inherits you account? Can you nominate?
  • How can you ensure the nominated will get the account?
  • Who can refute the decision made on who inherits your social media account?
  • If the account is memorialized, should the inheritor be able to delete, download, share the content? If cannot, how can it be enforced?
  • How is "loved ones" defined too? A lover that you have spent a lot of time in recent years or estranged family members that in the eyes of court or social media company is considered "loved ones"?
  • What are the emotions, grief and frustrations the family have to go through to attain the digital assets that are left behind, especially when there are so many social media platform these days.

I felt the book touches these different topics quite well and covered many angles. Very nice read in my opinion.

5 out of 5 stars! If you are interested to check out the book, here is the link.  

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