I figured this will be an interesting book to read given the title and the fact that I am an Economist and doing data science/artificial intelligence work. :)

The book discusses in the first section how technology came to be what it is today. It talked about Classical AI and how it has become Connectionist AI. Quite well-researched and explained on the state of technology, especially smarter machines. In the second section, it started to discuss the possible "threats" to work, how the economy changes with better Artificial Intelligence. Long story short, the pie for paid work is decreasing with better Artificial Intelligence, because it brought about better automation. In the last section, it discusses what governments can do to manage these threats, like taxation and managing tech companies, and how we can prosper from better technology.

One very interesting paragraph that everyone should read and different from other similar books is the last paragraph, where it discusses, besides salary, what does work bring to an individual's lives. That is meaning and purpose.

Strongly recommended read if you want to start preparing for a future where AI going to take up a lot of tasks, or even replace certain jobs. 4 out of 5 stars. Here is the book at Amazon if you want to find out more.