At times, we will feel that we are inadequately skilled for a job/project. It is called the impostor syndrome. Not sure what is "Impostor Syndrome"? Check out this YouTube video! :)

Let me share how I tackle such a situation. Here are the steps I usually take:

1 - Understand and realize I will NEVER be 100% ready for a project. Never! (So much for confidence building. LOL)

2 - Is this an interesting project, excites and opens more doors to me? Yes or No? If Yes, go to Step 3, else look for another.

3 - Make an assessment, looking at the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the project. List it down!

4 - See if my current skills and knowledge can cover at least 75% of it. Yes or No? Yes, go to the next step, No, ask yourself how to increase to 100%.

5 - Make a plan and learning schedule, how to go from 75% to 100% while working on the project!

6 - Take up the project and take action on the schedule! Just do it!

Looking back at my career, especially in conducting training, I was not 100% ready for it given my "limited" experience with the data analytics field and software but if I had not done so, I really would not have been where I am now.

So if the opportunity is great and you are around 75% ready, then really take and do it! Of course, 75% is an arbitrary figure that you can adjust based on your risk appetite.

These are roughly the steps I will take. What will yours be? What is your impostor syndrome story? :)

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