As a learning data scientist, machine learning engineer, or data engineer there is one important task that you must always keep in mind when you code.

What task is that? Document & commenting on your codes! Regardless of how busy you may be, always set aside time for your documenting and commenting on your codes. it is important for the following reasons:

1 - Quick to reduce technical debt. Technical debt is a hidden scourge of production codes. Documenting it helps to return to it later and reducing the debt effectively.

2 - Break in production code, documentation will be your savior! It allows you to quickly pinpoint where the possible issues are.

3 - Give yourself a good break! If you have done your documentation well, chances are your office folks won't have to call you and have you remotely rid of the bugs. We are all nice people, we don't want to be forced to call someone who is on vacation.

So if you are new to the data science and artificial intelligence field and started coding, I will suggest to you, start learning to document your codes, and start by commenting on your codes. :)

Remember! :)

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