Let us talk about Consciousness a topic that comes up usually when we discuss Artificial General Intelligence. The common challenges to discussing Consciousness have always been difficult especially on the definition and how to prove Consciousness. What is your definition of Consciousness?

There are many theories on consciousness such as panpsychism where everything has a consciousness and needs certain conditions to activate but this theory is not easy to prove.

So far based on my reading the closest definition is awareness but awareness of what then? In recent months I finished Jeff Hawkin's book “A Thousand Brains”. He gave example that sort of debunked the definition that Consciousness is Awareness.

The is the example he gave is this. Supposedly this morning you are washing your car, and the action is filmed. Now, after this, we removed the memory of you washing your car. So now you are unaware of the fact that you have washed your car this morning. Now we show you the film that has captured your car washing antics. Will you be saying that you are unconscious? I for one would not think so.

But I do have a few questions in my mind right now with one of them being, “Is Consciousness a string of memories then?” And in some dreams, we are aware that we are dreaming, so is that consciousness or not really? And is dreaming a symptom of Consciousness?

Well, these are some thoughts I have so far with regards to the topic and if you will like to discuss more on this, please hit me up on my LinkedIn account. :)

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