In this day and age, whether you are in the "hottest" job or thinking of expanding your career options or life choices one cannot run away from learning. The concept of lifelong learning is going to be important as we move more into the Knowledge Economy.

It is time we take charge of our learning!

To learn better here are a few tips I can think of:

  1. Know your habits, understand when you are the most effective in your learning. Else cultivate habits that can help you learn effectively and efficiently.
  2. "Google","Bing" or "DuckDuckGo" well. Train your search engine to work for you! Put in the right keywords to get the information you need. Train that search algorithm!
  3. Be selective of the courses you take, besides the content, check out the instructor/instructors! Make sure the instructors have the experience you want to learn from and have best practices to share.
  4. Sleep well and exercise! Studies have shown a good night's sleep helps with memory building and exercise keeps the body in good condition, so one does not get distracted.
  5. Read some books on how human learn for instance the book by Benedict Carey, "How We Learn". This book is pretty interesting, in my opinion and if you read it together with Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep", you will realise why I stated point (4) above.

I wish you all the best in your lifelong learning journey!

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