Want to know how I will choose my bootcamp/courses/modules (if I take up a degree or Masters)?

It is a question that was posted to me last week and I thought it will be useful to share my answer/thoughts on it. :)

Read on to find out more.

There is only one thing I will look at. Yes, just one! What is it?

The INSTRUCTOR! The experience, lessons learned and distilled, best-practices and even failures as well! The whole package!

Why?  Let’s face it! Technical content are everywhere online, you just have  to look hard enough, and skilful in using the search engine to your  advantage. Basically, you can self-learn.

The difference between self-learning and courses/boot camps is the instructor.

What  will be useful are the best-practices and lessons that the instructor  has gathered through her/his many years of experience, those are the  ones that can help us to overcome obstacles and past challenges.

If  you are looking for a training program right now, my suggestion is ask  for the instructor profile, then ask yourself,”Do you want to learn from  his/her experience?” If the answer is yes and the price is right, sign up and importantly, ASK AWAY! :)

Hope this will make your data learning journey smoother!

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