“What is the FIRST thing you look at to determine the success and failure of data science project?”

The above was a question I got at a friend’s party. Want to know my answer? Read on, please. :)

I will look at the business question that the project is trying to solve. Why?

1)  Does the business question get to the root of the challenge we are  trying to solve? If it does not, we are asking the wrong question  because we might be treating the symptoms rather than the cause.

2)  The question need to get the buy-in of all stakeholders, especially the  business user. If it is a question they are not interested in…forget  about project, it WILL NOT WORK!

3) Business question will  determine the data collection strategy, we need to be able to have a  business question that allows a good and possible data collection  process, else why ask a question that we cannot get it answered through  data?

TLDR: To determine the success or failure of a #data project, the very FIRST and I will say the MOST IMPORTANT thing I will  look at is the BUSINESS QUESTION…then we look at Data Collection and  Quality. :)

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