We have another guest on our show!

We have Chin Hwee, another data engineer to share her work and how she got into the field. She has spoken about data in many conferences as well.  

Part 1

In Part 1 (yes a lot of content shared, start listening!), she shared how she interacted with her stakeholders, how she approached each project, and also what are the valuable skills in a data career. :)  

Part 2

In part 2, Chin Hwee shared some career tips on getting a job and  staying competitive. She also talked about the challenges of being a  data professional, how much of the time we spent to clean data, and  shared her thoughts about the difference between reality and the courses  offered in terms of data work. An additional sweetener: Chin Hwee  shares how she contributes to the community and what she gained from it.  And...another sweetener, we shared on what are the community you can  join to enhance your tech career! :)

Chin Hwee's LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ongchinhwee/ Questions for our guests: https://forms.gle/YhEtzQ3W7JVTNbHN9

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