Do you know why you are confused with the artificial intelligence that people are talking about? Simply put...

1. Most people are actually referring to Artificial Narrow Intelligence if they are referring to the current use cases, where machine learning is dominantly used.
2. Dominantly used doesn't mean AI is equivalent to machine learning. Moving from Artificial Narrow Intelligence to Artificial General Intelligence, there are other tools needed, for instance, control theory, information theory, knowledge representation, etc.
3. Sometimes the discussion context, requires going back to the older definition of artificial intelligence, the definition coined during the Dartmouth Conference in 1956 which is human-like intelligence.

So just be mindful of the context and the confusion can be unraveled. :)

Speaking of which I will like to recommend a few videos by Cassie Kozyrkov to understand what Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence truly is.

So what is the current Artificial Intelligence about?

Hope you enjoy the short video and if you want to, can check out the whole playlist here.

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