Pretty sure the 2022 #AI Index Report from Human Centered AI  Center at Stanford has been shared a couple of times. If you have not, this is where you can catch it.

Wanted to put down some thoughts on it for my own reference and for my readers information. :)

Private investment in AI soared while investment concentration intensified

This is foreseeable as we see more and more applications of AI in different  industries. I believed it was Andrew Ng who said that "Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity" (If I attributed it wrongly, please let me know) which I do believe so. We have the capabilities right now to create better automation through the techniques that we have developed thus far. The biggest question now is can each of the country that wants to tap into this rising trend of investment, provide a good and stable pool of talents to support it?

U.S. & China dominated cross-country collaborations on AI

I  have had an interesting conversation around this before, whether US or  China is winning the race. My estimate is both sides are quite close to each other right now, and in order to stay ahead, both countries will  definitely continue to do more cross-country collaborations. The key to who will have a lead right now will actually be dependent right now on the global PR campaign of these countries. Who is winning right now?  That is another topic to discuss. :)

Language models are more capable than ever, but also more biased

Language  models are here to stay since there are sunk costs. The key now is how  to manage the bias then...and that is greatly dependent on the available  pool of talents again. It is important for us to manage the risk of  using these large language models. Why? Remember we humans thrived over other species because of language and if we do not manage these language  models well, we might be eliminated because of language models.

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