I’ve always been a strong advocate that everyone should at least join a tech community for the networking and growth opportunity.

However, choosing a good one is not easy because there are a myriad of them. But if you chose well, you will benefit tremendously.

Here are some pointers I’ll suggest given the tech community experience I have.

1) No worshiping here!

The community does not have a STAR! As in the community is not set up by  someone who wants limelight or to give specific people limelight. There  are celebrities for that. I have to admit, this is pretty subjective, so choose based on your gut. :)

2) Relentless Focus on Content & Growth

The tech leaders are focused on GOOD QUALITY content and not about letting vendors sell to you. Why sit through a 30 mins sales talk disguised as  “growth”? But to be fair,  communities may have hits and misses, more of  joining the one that has a lot more hits, than misses. Check out their  past meetups and reviews on them where possible.

3) Good working relationship with many companies

This is important as networking and career opportunities definitely come  from these companies working with the tech community. How do you gauge?  Similar to (3), check out their past meetups and see which are the  companies they have speakers from. It should give you a good indication.

4) Diverse group of ‘members’

Diversity  helps with growth! Thus the more diverse the members/participants are, the better. How do you gauge? Attend at least two meetups and network. Why two? Because different content can attract different crowds. :)

Here are the pointers I can think of to choose a tech community for learning and growth.

If you are based in Singapore, can I interest you in the data science tech community that I run together with a few volunteers,Kai Xin Thia, Swarnima Sircar, Ryzal Kamis and Yong Siang (Ivan) Tan. :)

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dataScienceSG

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