Want to know the difference between programming for boot camp project vs programming for commercial projects?

Here are a few BIG difference:

1 - Data Collection & Transformation

In  view of time, you receive clean (enough) data in a bootcamp. In view of  practicality, you will have to merge and transform your own dataset  from a normalised data warehouse, in a commercial project.

2 - Integration

In  a commercial setting, you have to think about how to integrate your  program into the whole spaghetti bowl of process flow of programs.  Reading documentation and knowledge of git helps!

3 - Scalability

Likely  case, you have to think about how your programs work in a “large flow”  setting. You have to try and save processing time, computing resource,  quick computation etc, when you do the programming in commercial  setting.

4 - Maintenance

Software and codes need to be  maintained, in a commercial setting. Creating functions and parameters  helps in maintenance. Besides that, doing detailed documentation can  really cut down the technical debt, which will definitely save one a lot  of frustration later on.

What other differences you can think of, that I left out?

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