Before everyone get caught with “prompt engineering”. I’ll like to say that everyone of us have been doing something similar and doing it right now…Don't think so? Read on! :)

<Prompt Engineering>
Different combination of words to form Prompts
Generative Models
Images & Text (Ideally?)

<Search On Internet>
Different permutation of words
Search Engines
Webpages that contains information you need.

Unless  you have been living in a world without the Internet, chances are you have done some form of “prompt engineering” before.

Is this hype? Here are my thoughts on Prompt Engineer being a viable career. To be honest I highly doubt so. Remember there was this Machine Learning/Deep Model called Generative Adversarial Network? Who is the say that we cannot build these two networks that can help us to generate ideal prompts and in turn generate the images we are looking for? In other words, prompt engineering work can be replaced quite easily since it is a single task, an ideal candidate to be replaced by the current level of artificial intelligence.

Your thoughts?

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