Posting something different and sharing my experience. :)

Did an opportunity pop in front of you recently and you are still deciding to take it up? Can I share with you my experience if you do?

I am going to make a guess and say the top questions you have in mind are, “Are you ready for the opportunity? Will you perform well with the opportunity?”

I will like to say, based on past experience, We are NEVER 100% ready for an opportunity. Never! Because opportunities have the element of surprise. :)

If I want to be 100% ready, I will never have done the following:

- Become an instructor because I worried I might not be a great one and other people’s career may be negatively impacted.

- Do public speaking because I worried I will present very badly and stutter at every word.

-  Take up a new tool (Tableau, Power BI, R, Python) for new courses because I worried I might not be able to answer ALL the questions my  participants might have with the tool.

- Become a mentor because I worried my working experience may not positively impact my mentees.

- Started DataScience SG because I have no idea how to build a community and may fail at it!

We will love to be perfect for the opportunity but that ain’t gonna happen.

So if you are considering an opportunity, just check if you are 80% and above ready for the opportunity. If you are, then go for it and give it  your 100% effort. Normally, it should cover that remaining 20%! :)

Good luck and all the best in your future opportunities! Have a great week ahead too!

I wish you all the best in your data learning journey! :)

What are your thoughts? Will love to hear them!

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