This is an inspired post.

As I continue my work in sharing and helping more people to understand Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I find the comment,"You need to be equipped with skills and knowledge that the machine cannot perform." to be severely lacking. Thus I decide to give more thoughts to it, to inspire my readers to find out more for themselves.

Being Machine

What is meant to be a machine/computer? Well basically the machine will be able to give more consistent results through the instructions and engineered structured to it. It will not deviate unless there is some anomalies in the programs or structure it is executing its task from. That is why we use machine for automation. The machine will strictly follow and not deviate from what is given.

Being Humans

What is meant to be Human then? Well, humans can only follow very simple instructions and results are not really that consistent unless it goes through many many practices. However, humans can design and create original or new combination of methods to reach different results. Humans unlike machine may question the viability and feasibility of the instructions given, whereas machine as discussed does not. That is the biggest difference between humans and machine I felt.

What really will make a human stand out as compared to machine is it can create that long chain of logic to reach new never before seen results. The long chain of logic to reach new results consist of critical, strategic & logic, system & design thinking.

If you have read till here, you will know what I am driving at...humans are better at thinking but not without direction but rather creating plausible and feasible solutions.


Humans, as compared to machines, to avoid being replaced by machines need to start ramping up that white and grey matter between the ears, be more innovative and always experiment. Be able to question and get to the First Principles to offer desired solution. Question the current "norms", to determine if it can be improved further, and how can it be improved further.

To provide another perspectives, machine will not deviate whereas humans will deviate, leading to the question, how can we take advantage of the tendency to deviate to be better.

Your thoughts?

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