I was asked recently, “What is the biggest challenge for fresh/green data analyst or data scientist?”

First thing that comes to mind is - Scoping of Project.

A  lot of fresh data professionals, they have challenges scoping project  or converting a business challenge to a mathematical modelling question.  For instance, “How to increase loan portfolio without taking on more  than necessary credit risk?”

Why they have such a challenge is

1) Lack of understanding where the business values are in the business challenge
2) Determining if there is a “data-problem fit” - whether the data is  available and quality of data is at a level that can answer

But the buck does not stop there, the fresh professional also have to determine in the whole solution process:

1) what are the mathematical models to use
2)how to structure the whole solution with the chosen mathematical models

How to overcome it? I have two solutions:

1) Practice
2) Find an Experienced Mentor

Yes,  so if you look at it a fresh data professionals actually have jump  through a lot of hoops, before being able to put together a VALUABLE  project. They will still need some assistance and guidance to help them  achieve their potential.

I hope the information will be useful to you. I wish you all the best in your data career! :)

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