I came across this fantastic YouTube video by DamiLee where she  shared why movies from Ghibli Studios can never be replaced by AI. This  video ties in exactly with a talk I attended at the Generative AI  Conference in Taipei, Taiwan earlier this year. “How is Human different  from Machines?”

Why Studio Ghibli movies cannot be made with AI

The true difference between humans and machines is that humans can experience, and as we experience, we create perceptions, judgments, and opinions which are greatly shaped by what we previously experience as well. When you ask someone to share their experience, as a fellow human, you are able to connect with it, through the description, tone, and hand gestures if any, and make a good  judgment if those experiences are genuine or not.

Plus having the same experience makes us feel connected and understand the other humans, that empathy raises the familiarity by a lot. Studio Ghibli movies are usually a sensory festival as different elements of the real world as observed by the producers are put together to stimulate the senses through identification as described in DamiLee’s video. That experience and identification can only be achieved when it is a human rather. What is more food for thought will be asking the question why that is the case rather.

My apologies if this post does not seem to explain well what I meant but as a fellow human reading this, I can bet you actually do understand but just do not know how to put it  into words. :)

Humanity Gone Cold?

As I was running through the video, I suddenly felt that have we forgotten how to be humans, to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to think from their perspectives? Has humanity gone so cold, that we are merely following  the societal programming much like machines and have forgotten how to be  humans, and thus “humans” rather? Smartphones with social media seems to have given the illusion that we are connected to more people, like thousands and millions. How many of them will be what you considered to be meaningful relationship, people who are keen to hear what is going on in your life? If using smartphones together with social media platform has allowed us to be more sociable, why are we, after the pandemic talking about mental health now?

I believe rather, technology has allowed us to bridge physical distances by adding a new dimension, called virtual distances. Through this virtual distances, we can now keep in more constant contact with friends, and tons of acquaintances rather.

So last question here, have you sat down and experience life recently? :)

Do share your comment and feedback with me! :)

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