I fancy calling it AI Professionals Ethics rather than calling it AI Ethics. We need the people designing and researching on Artificial Intelligence to think ethically and design impactful #AI that better humanity and does not discriminate. Only then, can we have AI applications that are impactful level up humanity.

However,  it is not going to be easy. To be able to design impactful AI, we have  to work on expanding the known knowns, to have a knowledge base of failures, allowing one to avoid the mistakes made before and focus their  effort on handling the unknowns rather when they surfaced.

But who will be publishing their failure then? Not really unless it made it to the media though.

An alternative will be to get AI Professionals to always think about the  impact of their work. This might not be easy in a large corporation  though given how specialized the work is. Perhaps a refresher course can  serve as a reminder but it can go only so much in distance.

What are your thoughts? How can we build AI that is impactful and be used for betterment of humanity?

These are part of the interesting conversation I have with friends and class participants this week. Good food for thought for the weekend. :)

Weekend is here in Singapore! Have a great one! :)

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