After you have finished your data science or artificial intelligence project portfolio, what is next?

Yes, looking for a job is definitely important but the most important next  step is actually networking and seeking feedback for your project  portfolio. Why?

Finding as many practitioners as possible to look through your project portfolio is important as it provide a few benefits.

1) It will show the gap between your skills and knowledge, as compared to current practitioners. Start improving!

2)  Existing practitioners, given the market right now, will definitely  have a lot of opportunities shown to them or their network asking for  references. Showing them your project portfolio creates an impression  and they will be more confident in recommending you, if they deemed your  project to be good.

How to network? Start joining your local  community! No community? Get a few friends together and start a meetup  group. Put your meetups online if possible, to attract more people.  Always focus on technical topics as it will attract the passionate.

Once  you join a local community, start joining discussions! Ask technical questions! Share your opinion if you think you can provide a different perspectives! Look out for experienced practitioners along the way.  Share your project and solicit feedback. Be active in community and  contribute back where possible!

TLDR, after your project  portfolio, start networking by being active in your local community!  Share where possible but don’t be forceful! :)

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